My passion is to share songs in service to community and the wild world; songs that celebrate the seasons, bring groups together, offer thanks, muster courage, and make room for healing and grieving. I am drawn to the potent and surprising journey of deep-listening and emergent music making. I have also been exploring the traditional music of my Swedish ancestors and love to share old songs of the forests and fields. I have been leading community singing groups in Vermont and beyond for the last 15 years including work with the Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture, Village Harmony, Burlington Integrated Arts Academy, Young Tradition Vermont, Unitarian Church of Montpelier, Interfaith Partners of St Johnsbury, and Sterling College.  

I also sing with the vocal trio Heartwood.


“Heidi is a gifted singer, songstress, space-holder and listener.  Her vocal abilities are second only to her unique ability to listen for the sounds and songs that are ready to be given voice.  Music is her medicine, her activism, her prayer and her practice.” -Matt Kolan

“Heidi is a song leader of the highest order. She is a master of her craft, able to teach complex vocal arrangements to beginners and people without any musical training to speak of. More importantly, Heidi is a natural, graceful leader whose years of experience organizing and putting music to work for social change have led to her unique ability to make the musical process fun and welcoming for all. She truly brings people together in song, illuminates the meaning and history of the music, and holds space that feels holy and sacred. I believe that Heidi Wilson was put on this earth to raise people’s voices, and lift their hearts.” -Shannon McIntyre

“As a non-professionally trained singer, I have appreciated Heidi’s calm, intuitive instruction in small groups and large gatherings. Harmony seems to come easily in her presence and she is a fantastic guide and a caring teacher. Her ability to lead people who adamantly “don’t sing” into joyous and uplifting rounds and harmony is perhaps only overshadowed by her own beautiful voice and performance. When Heidi has organized and led spring time singing at the Quaker hall, we have all been transfixed and moved by the special space that she creates even an hour and a half past our toddlers bedtime we were all still there enraptured in song.” -David Huck 

“Heidi has a contagious exuberance for creating and bringing forth beautiful music from groups of all ages, and sizes. Her gentle, direct and skilled guidance lets individuals know what is needed with out any shame or discomfort..” -Jen Boucher, April 2018

“Heidi has a unique gift for teaching and passing on music to anyone regardless of their training, and to make a group of disparate humans of all ages and abilities sing together as if they had always been doing it. She is utterly committed to sharing the joy of singing together, capacitating people who never thought they could sing, bringing them together with those who do and creating community solidarity and spirit.” -Kathy Shapiro

“Heidi has this innate ability to build community at her sings by finding the strength in all of her participants voices. She knows all the parts and is able to teach them effectively and with patience.  Her teaching style is by ear and deep listening. I feel inspired, openhearted and expansive singing in Heidi’s groups because it satisfies a need for harmony, balance and communion.” – Jodi Vilardi