Sacred Sing

2022 Spring Equinox Sacred Sing. Outdoor event in Plainfield. Details coming!
Intention:  To join in the big mysterious divine symphony!
What does that look like?: Heidi will lead songs over zoom, with everyone else on mute. This makes it possible for folks to sing along without the cacophony caused by the internet sound lag. If you’ve tried to sing with folks over zoom you know what I mean! We’ll come together to sing beautiful, accessible, spirit and soul-centered songs.  Without a whole lot of talking or explaining we’ll sing songs to ground us in the season, to offer thanks and acknowledge our place in the big web of existence, and to strengthen and share our light.
Songs: Songs will be shared with a strong awareness around the source and original context of the songs, and with an intention of sharing many songs that are freshly caught from the universe for this time and place (ie originals.)
Who: Everyone!  This is an inter-faith, inter-generational, all folks welcome experience.  Feel free to spread the word.
More: For more information contact Heidi at

There were elders and mid lifers, thirty something’s in wool and some in denim, women smiling, ten year olds, transgender people, activists, farmers, woods walkers, two year olds, babies and newborns. There were three generations, maybe more, brothers, sisters, singles, neighbors, friends and foes. All singing in intimate harmony. There were tears, deep breaths, ahhhhs and drumbeats on the pew backs. There was life and affirmation. Most of all, truly, everyone was welcome and that was deeply felt.”Angie Barger, 2018