Sacred Sing

2022 Fall Equinox Sacred Sing. Outdoor event in Plainfield.
You are warmly invited to a Fall Equinox Sing! A chance to lift our voices in harmony as an offering to the Whole in this season of dynamic balance; to honor the great turning, to stoke our courage and tend our connections as we roll away from the long days of summer and into the season of letting go and dreaming! It’s time to sing for the blushing leaves, the bountiful harvest, the cold winds, and the poetry held in the long nights ahead.
***All voices welcome! All songs taught by ear***
6:30 -7:30pmFriday Sept 23rdat the Recreation Field in Plainfield.
It’ll be darkish by the end so bring a light to guide yourself out if you’d like. We will sing in a semi circle of nested ‘U’s.”  Masks optional.  Feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair if you prefer to sit.  In general, seated folks are encouraged to sit towards the front, but everyone is welcome to spread out to their own liking.  Please dress for the weather! We will sing rain or shine, unless it’s really dumping. There will be a donation basket if you feel inspired and are able to chip in.
Songs: Songs will be shared with a strong awareness around their source and original context, and with an intention of sharing many songs that are freshly caught from the universe for this time and place (ie originals.)
More: For more information contact Heidi at

There were elders and mid lifers, thirty something’s in wool and some in denim, women smiling, ten year olds, transgender people, activists, farmers, woods walkers, two year olds, babies and newborns. There were three generations, maybe more, brothers, sisters, singles, neighbors, friends and foes. All singing in intimate harmony. There were tears, deep breaths, ahhhhs and drumbeats on the pew backs. There was life and affirmation. Most of all, truly, everyone was welcome and that was deeply felt.”Angie Barger, 2018